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GIS Services

Acquisitions & Divestitures

Midstream, Renewable & ROW

Comprehensive Land Management

Litigation Support

Land Administrative & Data Services

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Professional Staffing

No matter your needs... Long or Short... Large or Small.... Temp to Perm... TEAM can staff it!!


TEAM also offers a convenient “Temp to Perm” scenario. It's an excellent opportunity to review a potential new employee’s capabilities without the hassles of going through the hiring process. This unique option gives you the flexibility to “test drive” your prospective candidate before hiring them.


Let TEAM find the candidate that is the right fit for your company prior to hiring them!

  • Land Staffing

  • Land Administration Staffing

  • GIS Staffing

  • Surface Land Staffing

  • Right of Way Staffing

Professional Staffing

Acquisitions & Divestitures

TEAM’s specialty is assisting your company with all phases of Buyer and Seller Due Diligence, by providing the most experienced Acquisitions & Divestitures (A&D) land professionals in the business. 

  • Customize Tailored Due Diligence

  • Corporate Mergers

  • RBL - Reserved Based Lending 

  • Lien and Encumbrance Field Diligence

  • Data Room Set Up and Management

  • Pre Close - Consent, Notice and Preferential Right Letters

  • Sale Document Preparation - Assignments, State, Federal and Regulatory Documentation

  • Surface, ROW, Pipeline and Facilities Due Diligence

  • Post Close - Resignation and Balloting Letters, Notice of Sale Letters, Curative and Letters in Lieu

  • Transaction Database: TEAM's Integrated Proprietary Opensource Database - PRODATA

Acquisitions & Divestitures

Comprehensive Land Management

TEAM’s land management services ensure that your records are accurate and up-to-date when you  are ready to make a decision.

We serve your company in a variety of capacities, focusing on solving complex land questions and simplifying your decision-making process. 

  • Unitization/Pooling and Production Agreements

  • Production Sharing Agreements

  • Expiration and Renewal Monitoring

  • Development Program Readiness Tracking

  • Competitor Research Including Upcoming Expiration, Top Leasing Activities, New Permits, etc.

  • Regulatory Requirement Tracking and Best Practices

  • AFE Monitoring and Verification

  • Preferential Right Monitoring

  • Lessor and Partner Consents and Tracking Post Close

  • Critical Action Calendars

  • Drilling Calendar Management

  • Operations Meeting Attendance

Land Management

Land Administrative & Data Services

TEAM provides your company with Lease Analysts, Division Order Analysts, and Land Techs. 

TEAM assists with all phases of the data conversion process. Our professionals handle all software systems, including Tobin (TLS), Quorum, Bolo, Enertia, P2, PRODATA, and others. 

  • In-House Land Administration Staffing

  • Data Conversion and Migration

  • Data Management

  • Escheat Review

  • Revenue Recovery

  • Data Integrity and Enhancement

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

  • Offsite Lease Maintenance and Monitoring

  • Owner Relations Support

  • Preferential Right Monitoring
    Offsite DOI Set Up and Maintenance

  • Offsite Land, Lease, Division Order and Contract Well File Maintenance

  • Land Software Review and Selection Assistance

Land Admin & Data Services

GIS Services

TEAM does mapping! We have a staff of extremely qualified GIS technicians who can assist you with all your mapping needs.

  • Advanced Custom GIS Mapping

  • Comprehensive Position Mapping: Leases, Wells, Units, and Infrastructure

  • Production Volumes and Geological Formation Maps

  • Shape File Creation and Deed Plotting

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Open Acreage and Active Lease Play Maps

  • Real-Time Updates

GIS Services

Midstream, Renewable & ROW

TEAM helps your company secure surface access and rights-of-way for your projects. We turn potential sites and routes into robust GIS maps, enabling overlays from various workflows to quickly determine the best option.

TEAM helps your company move quickly from acquisition to construction, providing a seamless project workflow that saves you time and money.

  • Right-of-Way and Surface Procurement 

  • Title Searches

  • Wind & Solar Option Agreements

  • Maintenance and Expiration Tracking

  • Grid Connection Easements

  • Permitting and Licensing: Local, State and Federal

  • Support with Federal, State and Local County Agencies

Midstream, Renewable, ROW

Litigation Support

TEAM provides data analysis in litigation support.

  • Analyze 

  • Track

  • Assimilate

  • Report

Litigation Support
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