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Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Randy began his career as a professional landman in 1979 with Conoco Inc. Over the next 13 years, he served in various assignments in Oklahoma City, Houston, Jackson, Mississippi and Casper, Wyoming. He went to work for T. S. Dudley Land Company in Houston, in 1996, as Area Land and Business Development Manager.

During his tenure at T. S. Dudley Land Company, he established County Data Specialists, LLC, where he served as President providing P2Energy Solutions monthly leasehold ownership reports spanning over 50 counties in Oklahoma & Texas. He left T S Dudley to become a founder of Tri Energy Asset Management, Inc. and serves as its’ President and Business Development Manager.

Randy graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1979 with a BBA in Petroleum Land Management. In 1986, he obtained an MBA from Oklahoma City University.

Randy has served as President of the Houston Producers’ Forum and NHAPL and held numerous board & director positions for AAPL, NHAPL, HAPL, WHAPL. He is a Certified Professional Landman (CPL) and has served on and chaired numerous national committees for AAPL including Public Relations, Public Lands, Governmental Affairs, Awards and most recently Tax & Insurance. | Dir: 346-201-5321 | Cell: 713-516-3760

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