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How did TEAM create its logo?

The TEAM logo was designed by a talented young computer master Garrett Stine. The vision of the company was to provide high quality land contractors throughout Land & Land Administration to fill all the needs a client may have. The logo is necessary for our clients to identify TEAM as a high quality service company and partner and get an idea of all that hiring TEAM represents.

The genesis of the logo goes like this…. The pump jack represents the workman like manner in which we approach our business. Roll up your sleeves and get the job done. The arch with the company title represents the whole scope of any project from beginning to end. We do not cherry pick we do the hard, difficult work that needs to be done to do the job right. Finally the acronym of the company name represents the only way we know how to be successful and that is as a TEAM. Synergy adds power boost to any group and forming a TEAM is the best way to create synergy.

While a logo is advertising and branding, the TEAM logo has a deep meaning to its founders. It is an illustration of our core beliefs and the way we handle our clients business.

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