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April 17, 1919 – More Oilfields found in North Texas

Another #drilling boom was launched near Wichita Falls, Texas, when the Bob Waggoner No. 1 well began producing 4,800 barrels of oil a day.

One year earlier, a wildcat well on S.L. Fowler’s farm had brought a stampede of #exploration companies to the Red River border with Oklahoma. Oil had been found in Wichita County as early as 1912. Many newly formed ventures would not survive the growing competition (Texas Production Company, for one example).

The Waggoner well was the latest in what became known as the Northwest Extension Oilfield, comprising about 27 square miles of the ranch of S. Burk Burnett. North Texas drilling booms inspired “Boom Town” a popular 1940 movie starring former Oklahoma roughneck Clark Gable.

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