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+ In-house Land Services- In-house Land Services

TEAM provides services to Start Up companies that can act as your full time Land Department or fill temporary voids in major companies left due to staff reductions. TEAM also specializes in staffing large scale “Special Projects” thus providing existing company land staff the luxury of time to devote their efforts to their ongoing and active prospects.

+ Land Administration Services- Land Administration Services

TEAM provides services to Start Up companies to act as its’ Land Administration Department by providing contract Lease Analysts, Division Order Analysts, Land Techs and GIS Mapping Specialists. We also fill voids in staff due to temporary vacancies, increased business activity, personal leave of absences or staff reductions. TEAM also assists with “Special Projects” that may arise that your current staff does not have the luxury of time to address. Our staff of contractors possess the experience and knowledge to operate in all software lease records environments.

+ In-house Acquisitions & Divestitures- In-house Acquisitions & Divestitures

TEAM’s specialty is assisting your company with all phases of Buyer and Seller Due Diligence. By providing your company with the most experienced A&D land professionals in the business, we can maximize and limit your closing times and/or maximize the value of your divested assets.

+ Data Room Set-up and Management- Data Room Set-up and Management

TEAM provides the contract labor, possessing decades of negotiated and auction sales experience, to assist in constructing and maintaining divestiture data rooms as well as providing the skilled staff to maintain it.

+ Sale Document Preparation- Sale Document Preparation

TEAM’s qualified land staff will prepare and file all necessary sale documents and exhibits to help the transaction process flow seamlessly and in an efficient manner.

+ Complete Auction Representation- Complete Auction Representation

TEAM has experienced auction veterans who can prepare your properties from data room to sale day. We also provide confidential bidding agents for oral auctions.

+ Data Conversion Projects- Data Conversion Projects

TEAM has the experience level to assist with all phases of the data conversion process. Our professionals can handle any land software system on the market including but not limited to, Tobin Land, Quorum, Artesia and others. We can take your data from from spreadsheet to Database when necessary. We have the capability and the staff to handle all scenarios!

+ Revenue Recovery & Surveillance- Revenue Recovery & Surveillance

TEAM provides the personnel to handle the daily grind of scouring complex land records in search of suspended or lost revenue owed to you. If you don’t have the staff available let TEAM provide you with the experts that can get the job done!

+ Sarbanes-Oxley Reconciliation- Sarbanes-Oxley Reconciliation

TEAM has extensive experience in spotting issues arising from improperly declared asset values and can assist in making them right! This issue can become a serious liability if left unviewed and overlooked.

+ Custom Mapping Services- Custom Mapping Services

TEAM does mapping! We have a staff of extremely qualified and affordable GIS technicians who can assist you with all your mapping needs.

+ Temp-to-Perm Job Candidate Services- Temp-to-Perm Job Candidate Services

TEAM provides you and your company an excellent opportunity to review a potential new employee’s capabilities without the hassles of going through the hiring process just to discover the employee did not meet your expectations. We do this by offering a convenient and industry tested “Temp to Perm” scenario. This unique option gives you the flexibility to “test run” your prospective candidate before you hire them and reduces the hassles of responding to unemployment claims down the road. Let TEAM find the candidate that is the right fit for you prior to hiring them!